Song Speed

How do I speed it up?

Would like to speed the tempo up. Is there a workaround to Song Speed which is not active in3.1

Unfortunately, there’s no other way to do it than entering the tempo changes, one by one, in the dialog box that opens when you click on the “metronome” icon. Yes, it’s something of a chore and, yes, I’d like to see a more intuitive way to enter tempo changes too. I emailed Flavio about it (I was sugegsted to do it by other forum users) and he said a “tempo view” function (like Sonar’s) might be added in the future. Perhaps, if you email Flavio with this query too, we’ll se this added sooner… :;):
Good luck…

Do you want to speed it up before or after it’s recorded? Do you want the pitch to change or stay the same? Is this MIDI or waves or both?

Song Speed only works when using DirectSound devices – Output Device Preferences.