song won't mixdown

when i start mixdown, ntrack freezes

Not sure what is happening as other songs i have recorded work fine, but this one song freezes n-track every time i ‘start’ the mixdown. I have gone back to a backed up, older version of the song - added effects and it still locks up when I ‘start’ the mixdown. Re-recording the song is not an option and I would hate to find out the song is a loss.

Any thoughts?


So, I think I have deduced that it happens when I add compression to track 2 that it freezes upon mixdown. I started with the original song and tried adding one effect at a time, then mixing down. Very strange…

If you have not done this, I suggust you make a copy of everything in the original directory. Use the copy to continue to look for the solution… I think you are on the right track to try effects on at a time. I would delete the .ndx files - Ntrack will recreate them automatically the next time you load the sng file . If the same compressed works on all but track 2,
check to see if the properties match with the othe tracks
Load just track 2 and try a mix down to apply the effects, and then import it back into the .sng.


here are some questions to better understand the problem:
- which n-Track build number are you using? (you can find this info going to Help->About)
- are you using a 32 bit n-Track version? or a 64 bit version?
- which type of compressor plugin are you using? (third-parts plugin, n-Track DirectX compressor, nEfx compressor, n-Track Multiband compressor VST)