Song won't start

only one of them, tho

I have a song I have been working on alot lately and at some point after a few bugs of it not opening, now it won’t start when I hit play. Using bld1969 (not a good year ya know)

All the other current songs I’m working on start fine.

This one song, tho…won’t start no matter what I try. I have tried “save as” a different song and opening that and starting, but no go.

There are no effects, no MIDI tracks left…have remove all those.

Is there a possibility it is corrupted? If so, how can I “uncorrupt” it? Id hate to start a new song and import all of the parts into it as there are many.


Never mind…I figured it out finally.

I had several tracks with parts that “got lost” to N’s timeline.

I removed the tracks without deleting the files and now the song starts.

btw, I’m really getting tired of all the constant bugs in v.4x!! v3.3 didn’t seem to have near as many bugs, but my memory could be fading, too. :p