Songs linked with sound FX

How to split again

Hi - I’ll be having different 3min. songs with I want to link up with sound effects so that in the end you have a “30 min. big thing”.

How do you then split these up again (and with what tools) for putting the individual numbered songs on the CD ?


Can you explaing further? A lot more…

Well - eeehhhh, yes, I can …

I am currently mixing a collection of about 25 individual songs. Some of these songs will be “interconnected” with a special effect like e.g. sea-surf, or by and ambience birds/forest sound.

I can mix al these together in a single 20-30 minute piece, but in the end, I will need to hack this down to the indivicual songs again without loosing a single sample or without introducting a glitch or so : all songs all have to have their own number on the CD you see …

Now, how do I do that ? What tools can I use.


And … how stupid of me …

While “speaking”, I found that Nero Express can do that in the “properties” … RTFM Ludo !

:angry: … stress …

While "speaking", I found that Nero Express can do that in the "properties" ... RTFM Ludo !

Yes, that's right - be sure to remember to tick the box that says "no 2 second gap between tracks", or whatever it says in your version.

It's quite painful for long tracks though. The display draws slowly (at least on my PC), and it's small and fiddly to keep zooming in and out. It may be easier to use a wave editor cut/paste to chop up the wav into seperate tracks and then re-assemble in Nero (remembering to drop the 2 sec gap!)


You could also use CD Wave, which is a dedicated programme to do the same job, if you are finding Nero “painful”. I use it all the time, it works brilliantly.