Sonica Dual Core 2.0 laptop

They are now testing ntrack builds too!


I ran across this audio-specialized laptop which I am SERIOUSLY considering buying in the next day or two. Company is Sonica. Price on the website is $2200 but the rep at Sonica sent me an email saying he would sell it at a very good discount to that price including XP Pro (it comes by default with XP Home).

I casually mentioned it to my Presonus contact and he had nothing but praise for Sonica. Turns out he owns one of their rack mount units for years and has had no problems and great support. Has anyone else dealt with Sonica, or used this laptop?

Sonica had not mentioned ntrack in all their software lists… so I told them we have 1900 registered members on the forum alone, and that ntrack DOES support dual core… Guy Cefalu (also an Italian like Flavio! :slight_smile: ) at Sonica says about his audio engineers “I will have them working Ntrack in no time!” That’s good news!

Via PM I asked LearJeff for his opinion… perhaps Jeff could respond in this forum? I also sent an email to the Guy Cefalu with a link to this topic!

Looking forward to some feedback from everyone.


Looks very interesting. But a couple of quick thoughts. That price only covers the cost of the laptop. If you add the hardware (nice stuff - great gas generator), you are looking at another 2 grand or so. Bang for your buck, you can do a lot better going to a mini tower. I just got an AMD 64 dual core unit (HP Pavillion 1250n) for $1050 Canadian and was able to slip my EWS88MT (8 in, 8 out) sound card into it without any problem.

So the next question is, do you really need the portability of a laptop? I do onsite recording of a few groups. With all the other gear I have to haul, adding a mini tower and TFT monitor is really not that much more.

Just some thought to ponder.