Sony DRM

Have they gone too far?

I 'spect you’ve all seen the ongoing news re Sony being sued for their “virus like” DRM copy protection.

How do you feel about that?

On one hand, I think that people’s work ought to be protected, and they should earn as much as they can from their work (if that’s what they want).

On the other hand; are musicians/producers/etc. really being protected, or is it just the corporate profit that’s being made safe?

Check the links in this link.…;t=3812

I’m no expert by any stretch but I have the feeling that the big beef is corporate profit margins being cut by pirating music. I think we are seeing the beginning of the end of the conventional music/video distribution model. The big guys are hanging tough trying to keep things going.

An excellent example of the changing paradigm is my son. I can’t remember the last time he bought a commercial release CD. His favorite stuff is found on the web and more often than not is self published material from indie bands/labels. He has a gillion CD’s. Many of them cost $10 or less and whole butt-loads of 'em were give aways to promote bands.

As for Sony’s deal… shame on them. What a sneaky, under-handed way to achieve copy protection. I’m sorry, I just feel that since this is MY computer, I have the right to know what is being installed on it. The whole scheme is just like door locks on your house. All it will do is keep honest folks out. Besides that, there are utilities which will make a bit for bit copy of any CD you throw at it. It’s much more complicated than hiding a “virus” on users PC’s to protect content. I find it hard to believe that Sony was that stupid. I betcha Sony’s engineering people had a very bad feel for this mess but got over ruled by the business management types…


Thanks Teryeah, I ran Rootkit, but I’m buggered if I know what it means! :(

But, I think the fourth one, the a347, is something to do with the Alchohol 120% virtual CD/DVD driver, and as this is the only ikonboard I visit, the last two must be from this board. Is Fasoft trying to hide things? :(


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Hi All:
If this is the same link … I got this for a friend on mine, down the street. today… I’ll just post it…

This is of interest… if you understand the technicalities.…ts.html