Sony UFPOS Release

Beware Really BAD Language

Sorry…My sides are hurting from this. :whistle:

Hilarious - I’m gonna go get one!

Ha ha ha ha ha! :agree:

Get me one, Pop, I don’t think they’re shiiping 'em to our neck of the woods.

i think i already have a couple, judging by my reactions to inanimate objects i already own.

The news ticker at the bottom is a hoot too…

“Bush calls on Obama to return copy of “Roadhouse” left in White House DVD player…” :D

“UCLA scientists discover deadly bacteria the feeds exclusively on hand sanitizer gel…” ROFL…

I’ve seen the video before but didn’t pay attention to the ticker tape… HOOT!


:laugh: Nicely clocked, D.

I don’t see what this box is supposed to do… ???

What have I missed ????