Danny Milligan - Sorry

Written and recorded today…

I'm angry ‘cause you didn't keep your word
“Trust my love” was all I ever heard
You wrapped me ‘round your finger
Then you put me through the wringer
And stripped my heart of all that it was worth

You had me fooled with all your pretty lies
I never guessed when I looked in your eyes
No matter what I gave for you
You'd leave me here, for someone new
All along, you'd meant to wreck my life

And now I'm sorry that I ever heard your name
And I wish you'd never chose me for your Game
You promised Love to suck me in
Then left me hanging in the wind
Look in your mirror, see the One to blame
I'm sorry…
Ooh yes, I'm sorry…

I'm sorry that you can't appreciate
All my love that you just threw away
So go your way, and have your fun
You just lost the only one
Who trusted you, now, what a price to pay

(repeat chorus)

(Guitar Solo)

(repeat chorus)