sound blaster card

Ok so i got a delta 44 but i have configured audio recording to the interface bu the playback to the soundblaster if there is any reason this isnt a good idea let me know,I did it to stop any delay when playing sound fonts my problem is the sound font manager tha creative has suplied is not real easy to use i like the load sf feature of the synth ones help please.


The problem will be sync. The two cards need to be synced together (use a single clock) or what’s recorded can drift away from what’s playing back. The drift could be very slight to the point of not being an issue for shorted songs. Since you have it working give it a try and see how it goes for a 10 to 20 minute recording.

Completely off topic: have I mentioned lately, phoo, that your avatar makes me laugh about once a month?


Has your delta 44 any SPDIF IN?

Marce, the Delta66 is the one with the spdif.

I had the same card (delta44) and found out (too late) that I should have bought the 66 instead …

Bad you can sync them trough SPDIF, but like phoo said, make the try, maybe in not too long songs there is not problem.
About the soundfont manager, there is a nice utility called “SoundFont Express Loader” that can make your load/unload of soundfonts to your soundblaster, more easy. (ok, always is more easy in SFZ)
It works in this way: Suppose you load your soundfonts to memory, one instrument here, othere there, and you spent time doing this. This proggie take an snapshot of your soundfont memory, and let you save it to a list. Then, you can load/unload any set you build with some few clicks.
The bad thing is that i google it, but cant found it, only dead links. If you are interested, i can search it at house and mail it to you, since is a freebie.

Use a soundfont VSTi. Much easier in the long run…

1. Output gets included in a mixdown
2. Don’t have to remember to load soundfonts for each song
3. Can use your main card (44) for output rather than the lower grade SB.
4. All the editing and configuring is done within n-Track

Any more I’ve missed?

The only negative I can think of is that you need a few more cpu horses.


well the reason i have done it this way is i wasnoticing a very small delay.



well the reason i have done it this way is i wasnoticing a very small delay.

Ahhh. You’re using it in LIVE mode aren’t you??? Using an external midi keyboard to play a soundfont???

If so you’ve got to lower the buffering to reduce latency (YMMV). What drivers are you using?

Or, you could play using a stock sound (if the keyboard allows), record the midi and then send it to a VSTi.