sound canvas

any good?

I found a SC-88 for 40 bucks. any good, or crap? what can it do?


I think the SC88 is a General MIDI compatible sound module. I have never heard one so I can’t comment on the audio quality. Is it useful? Eh, maybe… ir depends on what you need GM sounds for I suppose. I’d probably spend the 40 clams on the software version of that thing though. The Roland Virtual Sound Canvas. Then you can play with it to your hearts content all “inside the box”. The VSC DXi and SC3 stand alone will offline render MIDI to .wav files. Pretty handy IMO.


PS The Roland VSC’s sound pretty darn good to me for just stock GM/GS MIDI sounds…

I use the VSC MP1 which works out pretty well…I really don’t know enough to make a judgement on whether or not it is worth $40.


PG Music ( sells the VSC3 for US$20.00 when purchased with any other product of US$29.00 or more (not available separately). Visit this link and click on “Dare To Compare” and hear it along side numerous other soft synths.



Or you could just use the free “SFZ” soundfont VSTi from
plus a really good free GeneralMidi soundfont (I use Unison and Cadenza) from

thanks guys. Yeah, I didn’t realize it was a GM. I got no use for a GM. I knew it was a sound module, but I wasn’t sure if it was GM or what. I couldn’t find anything on it, and knew you guys could help.


Definitely GM. Got one. It’s in the junk pile.