Sound Card Advice

Does this sound card look ok?

I’m a complete newbie to this … just in the process of getting the hardware set up. Can anyone tell me if this looks like a decent sound card to start with? Limited budget funds are a determining factor …

Click here for sound card info

I think for recording this 2 will better options:…0…2

I own this one…0

And it’s great!

I hope this helps. :cool:

you might look here too!

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the creative series is not designed for audio recording. although it will work. you’re going to want to buy an external mic preamp to run you microphone through as well as any other device to ensure it is line level, you can then use your soundcard’s line level input to record. the mic input on the soundcard will be VERY noisy.

so be sure to include a preamp in your price range.
so $60 soundcard and at least $50 for a pre (try ART-cheap, but useful)…Results

(the audiobuddy on that page is highly recommended by many as well since it sounds great for the price and is two channel-$40 per channel)

I also highly recommend the M-Audio delta 1010lt. it includes mic pres for two channels and is a 10 in/out card. you can get one of these on ebay for as little as $150 if you’re lucky but usually around $200.

once again, the card you’re looking at WILL work, it just won’t be as clean and clear.