Sound Card Input

Looking for info

I am new to computer recording and looking for input on a sound card (full duplex), I have both PC and Laptop machines, looking to do basic demo recordings for submission to my publisher. Thanks, Gregg

Check some of the USB or FIrewire things from M-Audio (go to Products/Mobile Recording). These will let you one interface with either machine. There are other brands such as Echo Audio, but I haven’t used their products.

Hard disk speed is a real issue on laptops and you’d be best off getting a high speed USB hard drive for the most reliable performance.

Good guide to start with:

(and you should start reading ALL his guides…)

If you’ll be using both PCs and laptops, then you should consider a pluggable audio interface such as USB or Firewire. Captain and Tim both have good suggestions. And here’s another one…

…One word of warning about USB interfaces:

There seems to be some kind of problem that can happen (may not always - so check it out first) when trying to run USB soundcards on PC’s with VIA chipsets - I certainly had some difficulty with regular crashes from a TASCAM-U122 on my machine which runs rock solid on a friend’s box that is non-VIA based PC.

…I think there’s something in the TASCAM small print about it - but you don’t always get to read that until you’ve bought it.

I think there are some driver fixes that will help in some cases, plus a microsoft OS fix down load (can’t remember what, but there isn’t necessarily anything that suggests it relates to music stuff on the microsoft knowledge base site - I found it either or this or some other music related forum, but sadly it didn’t help in my case!)

Hope this helps, I’ve not actually posted before, but I use the forum a lot for reference and I reckon one of the more regular expert guys will correct/expand on any of the above cos they definitely know their stuff - ps: thanks to all you guys for previous advice!)