Sound Card Issue

Not getting all of my channels

I’m using 2 Terratec EWS88MT sound cards, piggybacking them, in sync, and instead of having 16 channels to work with, I only get 12. I have it set up using Asio, I can see all of the channels in the mixer, but they are not all responding even though I hear audio through them. I can go into the sound cards software and see all of the channels responding, but when I record I get no wave files.

I don’t remember what processor I have; I think it’s a AMD Athlon 1700, I have 1Gig of memory and a 160Gig dedicated drive for storing all of my creations.

Any thoughts?



I don’t know if this will help, go under audio devices and the advanced tab and change the number of input and outputs to 32 or higher. this should show the missing channels

Hi Jeff, I also have an EWS88MT and a Phase88. I do remember having a similar issue at one point in time. Unfortunately I’m at work right now. When I get a chance this weekend, I’ll load up n-Track (using Reaper mostly lately) and go through the routine and report back.