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I am purchacing some equipment for a school. They want to setup basic midi workstations. I was wondering if the basic synth sounds on this card will be ok. I am not looking for something special just functional.…&DEPA=1



I’m guessing you plan on purchasing midi interfaces as well? In short, they will work for audio recording and playback and probably sound fine for a beginners studio. The reviews seem to be pretty good.

That should work fine for you. Just remember to buy the adapter cables if you want to hook up and MIDI keyboard or some such. The card has a 15 pin game port/MIDI combo connector. You’ll need an adapter cable which splits the MIDI ports out to DIN connectors for standard MIDI cables. They are fairly inexpensive.



EDIT** Looking again, I don’t see the 15 pin connector? Possibly there is another “bracket” you need to add the MIDI connector. Check Creatives website to be sure!!

Thanks everyone. I do plan on using external midi adapters.

This is the email I sent. They are using budget money and hoping to setup more then one workstation. I am trying to get them to use this for recording purposes also. I work in the IT dept.

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As per our meeting, here are some products that I feel will suit the music depts. Needs. If you have any questions just contact me.


Sound Card.…&DEPA=1

This looks like a good controller for the price. Roland is always a good company as far as electronic music equipment is concerned.…pc11277

Here is another Midi interface. M-Audio is also a good company.…9

A product like this gives you the capability to use midi and also record digital audio for multitrack recording or you could even hook a mixing board and some microphones and record the orchestra or band with it.…1

This is the keyboard that the HS already has. They have 3.…1

Here are some keyboards at a cheaper price.

It looks like the ones they bought for the HS were not cheap. We would have to go with something a little more economical to keep them at a lower price point. We would have to find out how many keys they will be comfortable using. If they want weighted keys etc., True piano players of course prefer weighted keys and as many as possible. For midi workstations you could go with less keys and maybe semi-weighted as a compromise.…c=price

I feel these speakers will be a perfect match for a music workstation. They also include some music instrument inputs.

By the looks of this card I am still not sure if it has any onboard sounds… Hmmmmm

You are right sly. It does not say a thing in the specs on Creatives site about synthesis OR MIDI.

Check those specs carefully man…