Sound card recommendation?

I currently have an Audigy Ex Platinum sound card in my (Win-XP) computer and it works fine together with both Harmony Assistant and nTrack, but now I’d like to update it to a card capable of recording 24-bit. I have thought of two alternatives:

* exchange the old Audigy with a Audigy 4 Pro board
* leave the old Audigy in (to handle ‘normal’ and 5.1 audio output) and add a EMU 0404 audio card for recording

The price of the Audigy 4 Pro is about 250 euro and for the EMU 0404 about 150 euro (including the Proteus software).

Does anybody have experience with Audigy Ex Platinum and EMU 0404 in the same computer, do they work together? Which alternative would work better with nTrack? What would you recommend?

The M-Audio Audiophile 2496 goes for about $99, plays just fine with n-Track, and records up tp 24-bit 96kHz. I don’t know if there are any conflicts with it and the Creative Labs stuff. It’s a great semi-pro card for solo artists - you’re probably not going to need more than two inputs at a time anyway…

EMU and Audigy can co-exist just fine. They include special install instructions with the EMU cards for making sure the drivers stay sorted as they ARE cousins in a way. I have the EMU 1820M though, not the 0404. The big plus for the 0404 + Proteus combo is obviously the great Proteus sound, Hardware accelerated effects and up 192khz sample rate. Having done my EMU pitch… the Audiophile cards have an excellent reputation and they have a 192khz card available now if you need or want the higher rez.

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Thanks for you advices; I think I’ll chose the 0404 + Proteus. If I’ve understood correctly, I can record 4 channels simultaneously with that? I’m going to test recording our TTBB choir, and I would like to get each voice on it’s own channel. Btw, what kind of microphones would you recommend for choir recording, and low cost please.

The 0404 has two analog line level inputs and one digital SPDIF input. You will need a two channel mic pre AND a two channel mic pre with SPDIF output. More hardware… more $$$$. You might want to look into a Presonus Firepod or something with built-in preamps if you need that many mics recording to separate channels. The Firepod has eight mic pres, connects to PC via FireWire and has a pretty good rep. About $600 I think. Google it up.