Sound Card

Can’t playback

I just installed Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS and upgraded to 24 bit n-Track Stuido. I can’t get my tracks to play. Can anyone tell me if n-track is isn’t compatable with this sound card or give me some clues on how to get the tracks to playback?

Are you trying to play old tracks that were recorded as 16 bit? If so I believe you will have to either use 16bit settings to play them back or convert the files (which won’t produce any audio benefit).

If not then we had best wait for someone more knowledgeable to come along. :wink:

More details of your setup (hardware and software) will probably be needed.

Cheers :)

n-track most certainly is compatible with this card - I use one. I only use 16 bit tho - shouldn’t make any difference to playback. I presume you mean tracks that you’ve just recorded. Haven’t got time now to post much. Just check all your settings - oh and best results using the asio drivers.