sound cards

soundblaster verses m-audio

I know this subject has been beat to death but who makes the most trouble free card and driver. I think I am going to add a card to replace the stock motherboard one and do not want to have any driver problems.
I have been reading on this forum about SB live problems. I just want to plug it in, download the driver, and go.I Already have had my share of “what the #### did I do” ? problems. Whos card and driver is fool proof?

“trouble free” will usually depend on the other hardware that you have in your system and how well it does or doesn’t work with the soundcard you choose.

Best to do a google on the soundcards you are considiering with your motherboard, cpu etc. to see if people with particular configurations have any problems.

Soundblasters are generally pretty stable and easy to set up.
The “SB Live problems” are usually just the fact that that card internally only processes at 48Khz and so any other sampling frequency you use has to be converted on the fly by the card which can introduce sync issues.

The newer audigy cards don’t have this problem.