Sound Click vs MySpace

Better Sound

Finally setup a Sound Click page. Then compared playback on SC to MySpace. Must say there is a noticable difference. Sound Clicks’ player returns a much better representation.

I’m takin my music off of MySpace and adding a pointer to Sound Click.

good idea.

you can even pay the vip deal and put up 320kbps mp3’s. there is a noticeable difference there too. too bad i’m broke.

Not a good idea at all.

I’m not sure what size mp3’s your originally uploading but I’m finding no difference at all.
If your just uploading songs to show to your musician friends and family, soundclick is perfectly fine for that with good artist tools.
But you can build a more diverse and larger friend base at “my space” where “none musicians” are abundant and who appreciate indi music on the site.
And that holds more value.
Especially if you make an effort to find friends in your playing area.
You have to make an effort.

I enjoy my sounds on myspace as much as I do on soundclick.
Don’t give it up Duff.
Go to an artist site that you sound like and start requesting friendship from that bands friends.
They’ll appreciate you for it. Got your songs revved up?

Quote: (john doe's evil twin @ Jun. 07 2009, 9:54 AM)

320kbps mp3's

Wow that's big, I've not tried that. 160 190 sounds good to me I guess. Jason it's only 14. bucks a month.

I find SC pees all over Myspace where sound quality is concerned.

I mean VERY MUCH. But I guess Levi’s right if you want your stuff heard by non muso’s…

The sound quality really is no different. But the level of competition is much greater at myspace so you better have your songs ready there. You wouldn’t want to be lazy with your recordings or mix. You know, like solo areas that are out of key and sour should be redone if your going to try to get friends/fans from your sound alike artist. But honestly I’m at myspace all the time the sound quality if fine.

Quote: (Levi @ Jun. 07 2009, 12:41 PM)

The sound quality really is no different.

Yes there is a difference. Critical listening leads me to believe MySpace adds preemphasis. Mastered stuff with a bright sparkle sounds sizzly. So far the SoundClick player gives me back exactly what I'm hearing in my studio.

Levi, what you are talking about with finding bands whom you sound like inviting friends, ect, is a lot of work. I no longer have the time or inclination for self promotion. I'm just puttin it out there. If someone listens great, if not, I dont care. I'm not looking to become the next chart toping phenom. I have a very limited time every day to record and or play. I'm doing this to quell my inner demons,quiet the noises/voices in my head, and satisfy my need to create. If someone stumbled on my page and wanted to license or buy to re-record one of my tunes that would be cool. As for me pushing the promotion of me....those days are long gone.

There is alot better talent out there than I, many here in this forum!!


Clapton, Top, Allman Brothers, anyone who is anyone is at myspace but not at soundclick.
It appears that myspace’s sound quality is good enough for them.
In fact I have ears and hear just fine.
The beauty of myspace is being able to find friends in areas that you play in.
And make direct announcements to them.
Here in the south (texas) bands are often booked more than not, on the basis of what they can bring to the door.
Finding fame? haha Get real my friend that would be a nice bit of luck for sure.
My space is a great musician tool period and the sound quality is equal to soundclick.
Or the other way around. I’m just helping to keep the word about myspace alive for the working bands who can use great tools like this. But like you Duff in a way, I’ve recently contemplated leaving soundclick :laugh:


and the sound quality is equal to soundclick

Of the stuff I'm familiar with I'd have to say that's not true, and it's a pretty obvious degradation. If sound quality matters, and it generally doesn't for those posting music on myspace, I'd suggest use myspace but link to something that sounds better. If you just what it heard then myspace is fine.

I can tell the difference between them - SoundClick wins in my ears. If you’re listening on a laptop or in cheap ear pods I’m sure the consumer listener would have a hard time hearing the difference though. The bit rate conversion at myspace is not publicized but I imagine it below SoundClicks.

No one can argue which is better since mp3’s suck out right!

Maybe you could say one sucks less than the other! :cool:

Duffman you’re absolutely right. Soundclick’s mp3’s sound way, way better than Myspace ones. I’m not that picky about sound quality but for me the discrepancy was enough for me to dump the myspace player in favor of a Soundclick widget.

Also, I got sick of having to have my songs “plays” start at zero everytime I’d upload a newer (presumably better) version, not that it mattered that much to me in the first place. Now, I can just upload newer versions to soundclick, and they’ll also appear on myspace.

The only drawback for me is that the lyrics aren’t simply a click away. You sort of have to go to the artist’s soundclick site itself in order to see them.

Try this new one!



Maybe you could say one sucks less than the other

great, so soundclick wins the 'tallest midget' contest. you still need a stepladder, so to speak.

D - that link had words to read on it - I don’t have time to read all that stuff!

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D - that link had words to read on it - I don't have time to read all that stuff!

WHOOPS! Sorry... try this one...

BETTER? No werdz... LOL!


Quote: (Diogesneez @ Jun. 08 2009, 9:25 PM)

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jun. 08 2009, 7:19 PM)

D - that link had words to read on it - I don't have time to read all that stuff!

WHOOPS! Sorry... try this one...

BETTER? No werdz... LOL!

Dang it D! Ya trying to give a fat, tired, grumpy old man a heart attack! :laugh: