sound font player

I need a good free soundfont player,i have a soundblaster card that works but have trouble orgonizing the fonts.
also has any one used groove agent for drums or is jamstix theway to go.

Thanx bones

Most people use either sfz or sfplay. I like sfplay myself, but both are good. You can use midi for drums, you know? There are some very good drum soundfonts out there. Also, you can use hotstepper. It isn’t midi (or a vsti) but you can use it to import in drums if you want, and it plays samples. You have to go get the samples, but there are some good ones around. There is the one set (Tom Hicks or something like that ??? ) that people might be able to point you to. I’ve never used jamstix or groove agent. I like using midi myself.


Im cheaking these out Thanx, are there any others that i should take a look.


If you will use midi controllers over the soundfonts you load (expression, brightness, etc) i strongly recommend you to use sfz. The Synthedit based soundfont players are not bad, but if you go a little deep in how they read the soundfonts, you will found some problems and lacks.