Sound Quality imbalance

Hey All. A question that has messed with me for many years. I prefer to track everything in a physical studio and export the 24 bit individual track wave files to N-track for further editing and processing. I am old School, but Love N-Track for that. What I always run into is, even in the same environment, same monitors, head phones, ETC, The quality is WAY different. A good example is the Snare Sounds Great in the Tascam, yet dull and lifeless when transferred. With Crazy EQ adjustments In N-track I seem to get it back, but should I have to do that. Same files. Shouldn’t it be real close? Recorded Flat and no F/X. What am I missing? Soundcard, Driver, Export setting, N-track setting? I don’t know where to start. Please Help. Thank you in advance. Sorry for the novel.

Sorry for the late reply. Make sure that the wav files are not being resampled, i.e. make sure that the sampling frequency set in the n-Track settings is the same as the wav files’.
Apart from this I’m not sure of what may be causing the issue. Perhaps there is a default EQ setting on the Tascam, or by something else on the audio chain, that is applied to the output when you play the tracks but is not applied to the export?
When playing audio files, and resampling is not happening, n-Track basically sends a wav file’s bits from the disk to the audio device, so there should definitely be no loss of quality.


Flavio. Thank you so much for the reply. This helps a TON. It gives me some areas to focus on. I will post back any results I find for future reference.