Sound samples

Animal sounds

I’m looking for good quality sound samples for use in a production CD.

I’ve been scanning WWW but I don’t seem to find “the good ones”. Most of them are way too short, have lots of noise … Any tips ?

Well eeuuhhhrrrr, yes, free of duties.

I’m looking for some
“bird songs” (more than 30-40 seconds)
“fog horn/boat horn” (20-30 seconds)
“seashore” (50 seconds)
“seagulls” (some)


Forsome of those, there is a freeware program out there that can generate some of these sounds. It is designed for folks to put on to fall asleep/relax to, but I beleive you can export a wav file or at least record its output. I can’t think of the name though. Anybody remember that apps name? In the mean time, check this page out and see if it will do the trick for you.

Watch sales out of your favorite cd store. There are CDs with relaxing nature sounds which can be put in service as a sample CD. Just don’t start making money with your tracks.



Try they have a lot of free mp3 or wma downloads and the quality is very good. They are mostly 30 second clips but, on the seashore clip you can cut and paste in n-Track for any length you want (after converting to .wav of course). The site is very well indexed with a “search” feature so you can find exactly what you want.



Sounddogs will do I think :slight_smile:

El - I do hope to get some $$$ our of it :wink: