Sound starts REALLY slowly

Any Ideas Why?

I am using Ntrack ver 1846 (newest build) and since moving to version 4 my computer’s sound system responds very slowly in Ntrack. Various Ntrack buffer setting don’t seem to change anything.
I’m running XP, 1024 memory with two monitors, 9600 All-in-Wonder 128 PRO video and Layla 24 sound card. I don’t think any of this changed before moving to version 4.
I think it is something related to the video because after I have been working for a while the display will start acting up (screen not displaying all of the information). I am running 12 tracks or so, but that was not a problem in the past, but that may have been one monitor.
Drivers are up-to-date. Anyone else having a problem or found a solution?

Did you make sure you’re using the same drivers as before (ASIO/WDM/MME)?

Thanks Learjet.
Yeah, I checked and that is not the problem. I called EchoAudio (Layla) and they can’t come up with a reason. The tech says it is probably not video. He wanted me to try ASIO, but that has Never worked on my computer.
Are some of you using ASIO and Layla?

I got the answer on AudioMinds.
I had “Keep Midi Open” checked. I’d experiemented a bit tryin g to use Midi - forgot I made any changes.

I never got ASIO and Layla working either - well - but I have a Layla20. I got it working when using the last beta drivers from Echo. I say stick with WDM or MME for now. I also have a Gina24 but don’t use ASIO in it either. I use the WDM Digital inputs for ADAT.

Exact what are your symptoms? What do you mean by “my computer’s sound system responds very slowly in Ntrack”?

Keep in mind that changing the buffering in n-Tracks will not have any affect when using ASIO. Changing ASIO buffering has to be done from within the soundcards console, then n-Tracks will reflect those changes after a restart.

When this kind of stuff happens with Echo cards do a full cold (all hardware off) reboot. I’ve run into a situation where the audio device simply stops working sometimes. A warn reboot doesn’t alway fix it. I haven’t figured out if it’s the Layla20 or the Gina24 or the crap audio on the motherboard, but cold rebooting has cleared it up every time so far. The first time I hit it was immediately after doing an upgrade and I thought sure it was a bug in the new build. :)

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