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We have a local establishment named Brew & View, a pub with theater seating. Have a brew - watch a flick, fun as hell! Once a month they show films from local independents, shorts and features. 8-9 months ago a friend showed a film in which he used 2 of my songs. I have since been asked and have written for 3 others.

I am doing this for fun, I am not asking for $$$, which most of these people, college students, dont have anyway. This is just a way to get some of my music out of the basement studio, and I get in free at the showing!

I hadn’t the time in the past couple of months to listen to many of the new songs posted here. Yesterday I listened to a many. There is some damn fine and impressive song writting and recording going on from the crowd that hangs in these forums. Maybe this could be avenue to explore for these great songs.

Besides finding local film makers almost every town has local advertising agencies, radio/TV. Many of you should take a CD into them and have a face to face meet and greet. Most of these local agencies want to use local talent…


Great idea Duff!
Good to see you getting your stuff out there too. I can be no bad thing.

We could do a movie ‘THE n-Track STORY’ (I get to play PW)

oh lord…

Quote: (sevenOfeleven @ Dec. 11 2008, 12:46 PM)

We could do a movie
'THE n-Track STORY' (I get to play PW)

Can I play me? None of you guys are "jerky" enough to be me... :laugh:


PS Don't worry about the sound. I'll bring my laptop and Reaper... <(See? JERK!) LOL...

Hey D - when you play at church - is that considered ‘mass destruction’? :laugh:

That’s a catholic joke. I believe D is a prosti… x’scuse me pro…test…tant. :laugh:

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Dec. 11 2008, 3:19 PM)

That's a catholic joke. I believe D is a prosti..... x'scuse me pro...test...tant.

Yes and DO note the "PRO" in Protestant... :laugh: (About the only thing "pro" I can lay claim to...)


nothing wrong with being a con…testant though - right?

Hmmm… I dunno Poppa…

“Protest” and “Contest” can have similar meanings I suppose as in…

"He protested against the use of steroids to make pygmies grow larger."


"He contested the wisdom of using steroids to make pygmies grow larger."

Oy… now I am confused…