Sound While Recording

No Sound While Recording

I am unable to get sound while recording while using the N-Track 4.1 free version, although when I play back, I can not only get sound, yet I can also use the effects the program has to offer. I’ve gone through all of the audio options. Is there something that I am overlooking? My soundblaster is the only sound card that dell hooked up for me, the integrated sound card it seems is totally disabled. Do I need to get my integrated sound card enabled and can I enable both at once?

First, your Soundblaster card is all you need.

Try going to Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices>click on the Audio tab…check to make sure that the Soundblaster is showing on > Playback, Recording, and MIDI.

What kind of SoundBlaster is it? The very old ones are not full-duplex, not matter what the full-duplex test says. The Creative driver lies. This is old SB16 and AWE64 and older - playback falls to 8 bit mono playback when recording, though recording is the format it should be. SB Live, Audigy and newer Creative cards are full-duplex.

Since you said Dell I doubt that’s the problem.

Integrated audio probably needs to be enabled in the BIOS, but if you have and Audiogy or Live there’s no need, as Syn says.

Just to be sure of what you mean, and you saying there is no sound at all, even previously recorded tracks, when recording?