I started to record th other day, but about thirty seconds into my session, this really dissonant three note sequence started. I thought maybe it was a one time thing, but ever minute to thirty seconds it repeated. I have no idea what is generating the sound. I closed as many programs as possible, restarted my computer and the noise continued. I will try and find a postable sample of the sound. Has anyone else had a similar problem?

Hey Man: I’ve had something like that happen before.

Is it just on playback, or is it during the recording session as well?

Check to make sure you’ve registed N-Track, and all your plugins - as this could be the culprit.

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1… it means that your program is not registered -
2… was registered but is no longer -
3… OR there is a bug in latst download that only affects certain PCs/OS (as someone else had this happen in XP on a first time inatall) -

although i have latest download and no problems running WIN 2K -

Dr J

so it should be registered, i bought it like a year ago. right now im trying to figure out how to post a sound to show you. Im running vista at the moment.

if you bought it a year ago then you should have recieved the reg codes by e-mail from Flavio within hours of payment -

as you are on VISTA and this is a new instalation of N - on first run an any PC on any version of Windows you have to register the program to that PC - upgrading to VISTA may also need N to be re-registered

if you have lost your codes send a support form to Flavio and ask him to re-send them to you by e-mail - beware new codes MAY go into SPAM folder so if you have a spam folder look in there at regular intervals -

Dr J