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Best driver for SBLive


I’m sure this topic has been done before, but I can’t seem to bring up the right thread with a search.

I’m using a SBLive card for recording. I’ve downloaded the latest drivers from Creative Labs’ website.

> The WDM driver crashes n-Track each time I hit record.
> The direct sound driver works OK but there are delays when I hit record or stop.

I’ve also tried the KX project ASIO driver. I fiddled with this for several hours and found it to be really unintuitive. I did get it to work, and performance was better than with the Creative driver, but it seemed to add a lot of unnecessary complication. Perhaps I just didn’t understand everything, but there seemed to be a lot of switching around of things required each time I wanted to record from a different source.

Other notes - I’m using the wave (as opposed to the system) timer. Recording at 48kHz. Using the latest stable build of N.

What are other’s doing? Is there a nice silver bullet solution? Any advice?


Google ASIO4ALL and give it a shot? FWIW, most folks who have tried it swear by the KX Project drivers once you get over the setup and learning curve. It may be worth your while to stick it out with KX. I dunno…


Quote (HotDogWater @ Dec. 30 2005,12:03)
Is there a nice silver bullet solution? Any advice?


Open up your PC.

Grab the edges of the card gently, then yank it out.

Put in an M-Audio Audiophile, Emu404 or Echo Mia card and you'll be amazed....



Stay with kX with the SBLive. It takes some time to figure it out but it is worth it. The best thing for recording is to create your own DSP windows and leave the mixers behind although the mixers are probably a good idea at first.

Go through everything in the “kX Getting Started Guide”;

The basic concept of the kX DSP is that inputs come in from the PROLOG and go out the EPILOG. Stuff playing from the computer comes from the FXBus.

Check out LeMury’s guide on the DSP

I use kX with nTrack and an Audigy 2, Audigy 1 and SBLive card synced by kX and S/PDIF cables. This gives me the possibility of 10 Mono analog inputs.

I use kX version 3537 because 3538i is still somewhat buggy.

I second the KXProject…


Another vote for Kx here.
It really is worth the pain. :D


OK, thanks all. I’ll take another crack at KX until I decide its time to bite the bullet and invest in another card.

Quote (HotDogWater @ Jan. 04 2006,18:30)
OK, thanks all. I'll take another crack at KX until I decide its time to bite the bullet and invest in another card.

Well HotDogWater, much of us have inverted in another card, and dont dropped the sblive. Some like me has both cards in the same computer, someones has it in an old computer, including some "pro" musicians i know.
The fact is that with the sblive card you have some quality Realtime FX that dont eat CPU and a very versatile Soundfont processor that dont use CPU, too.
Is hard to trash a card like that.