Soundcard help....

Soundblaster 1371

ANyone have success installing a Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI soundcard in WinXP? I can NOT get mine to work… (I own the ES1371 model by the way) I’m using a Biostar M7NCD NForce 2 Motherboard… rockin with a lousy AMD Athalon XP 1900+… the onboard sound is absolutely pathetic and sucks more than any sound device should… so I’d REALLY like to get this beast installed.

Any help would be SWEET!

I’ve installed one on a 7zxe board a while ago. IIRC, XP just detected it on bootup and we installed the drivers (downloaded off the web somewhere).

Tried disabling the onboard sound?

Yeah… I’ve tried all sorts of things… the drivers that came with it don’t seem to work. And I can’t find the correct ones to DL. And the mixer program won’t work… I open it in the start menu, and I get the hourglass by my pointer for a second… but then nothing happens.

Have you tried moving it to a different PCI slot?
Are there built in drivers in XP that you can use? May be a starting point and then try and upgrade to latest drivers once you get it working…

Is the card showing up in Device Manager?


From memory, it worked off that bat without anything installed… I might be wrong though. I know we did download the mixer software from somewhere. Creative’s site?

I’ve got two machines running XP with Lives installed. Didn’t have to do anything - XP just found them.

I’d go with Rich’s suggestion of moving PCI slots.

Or perhaps your card has died?


Have you already tried this

Creative site

Choose your region
then Support->Downloads

Under Select your product
Sound Blaster->Others->Sound Blaster PCI 64

I think that card is also called the Audio Ensoniq PCI

I will try that… thanks

nope… it didn’t work… I think if I could get the mixer software to work, I ciuld get the hardware to work… If I remember correctly, last time I had it installed, I had to mess around with the mixr settings before I got any sound out of it…

But, I’m probably going to Best Buy and getting myself a new soundcard anyway… I just bought an ART MP V3 tube preamp, and I don’t want to run that incredible piece of equipment through my onboard sound device, which picks up a crapload of internal noise…

So yeah… thanks anyway… your advice is greatly appreciated…