Soundcard question

24 bit?

I have been using n-track for almost 6 years now. I haven’t recorded in a while though. I came back for the latest version and was wondering how to find out if my sound card is 16 or 24 bit. It’s a Creative SB Live card. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jon Weems

16 bit.

Not just 16-bit, but 16bit @ 48kHz sampling rate.

Right: while you can run an SB Live at 44.1, its internal conversion causes synchronization problems – don’t do it, run it at 48k and convert the results to 44.1 as one of the last steps of mastering, if you plan to burn it to CD. Otherwise, leave it at 48k.

I don’t understand the 48k thing, but hopefully I’ll figure it out. Thanks for the responses guys.

a technical way of explaining 48khz… the soundcard “looks” at the voltage present at the line-in jack 48000 times every second. standard CD’s are encoded with only 44100 pieces of information per second of audio. 16 and 24 bits is how precise of a measurement each “piece” is. i should note that each “piece” represents the amplitude of the wave at that current moment. the more precise the measurement is, the greater the range of amplitudes you can use. the extra bits let you record quieter things, while the extra khz let you record higher-pitch things.

That’s a nice explanation there, Mr. Forbes!

Yeah. That is great explanation. Well done.