how do i change Soundcard settings on my computer, so that i can record with a different one? i know i’ve done it before, but i can’t remember how to do it.

Do you mean in N-track so that N-track records/playsback on a different card?

If so, goto Preferences–>Settings Tab–>Audio Devices



Win98; controll panel, multimedia.
For WinXp; control panel, Sounds and Audio Devices

Ntrack, settings, prefrences, audio devices

ok i have the soundcard setup but now i keep getting this message:

"Error opening wave device
make sure that the sampling frequency and the output format set in the dialog box that appears clicking on the setting button on the playback vumeter are supported by the soundcard.

if you using WDM drivers (selected in the preferences/wave devices dialog box) make sure that your not using the Microsoft midi synth (selected in the Preferences/MIDI/MIDI devices dialog box) that inhibits the use of the WDM that the synth outputs to."

the soundcard i use for recording is a 'Audiophile 2496’
the soundcard i use for playback is ‘creative SB Live!’ (the stock computer soundcard)

i know that the soundcard and my setup work, because i’ve tested it through windows sound recorder. so the problem has to be with n-track.

the sampling frequency format is set at 96kHz (which is compatable with my soundcard). everything else in the error message i’m not sure how to fix.

Quote (Death_Metal_Animal @ April 29 2005,14:24)
the sampling frequency format is set at 96kHz (which is compatable with my soundcard). everything else in the error message i'm not sure how to fix.

There lies your problem. Your SB Live! cannot playback at 96khz so n-Track is balking on you. Use the M-Audio for both RECORD and PLAYBACK and you won't have any problems up to 24/96.



sb live only does 48khz I believe. so gtr4him is correct, you can’t play back 96khz track on a 48 khz card.

Hi guitars69:
That’s not quite correct… I am able to record/play 24-bit res. Tracks in the studio, with it’s audio hardware and then import them for Editing, via a network connection, into another DAW for editing with a S/B Live Audio Card. I am unable to record tracks at 24-Bit Res. on an “Editing” DAW, but I can hear the end product, and then re-import those tracks back, via, network card, to the Studio P-4, DAW…

The technical project I’m presently working on, will alter that process by the Editing DAW’s ability to Record/Play in both 16 and 24-bit res. and at 44.1 and 48khz., I hope… I’ll know later on tonight, or over the weekend.

Recording at 48 khz. bit-depth rate, also requires downward dithering, as well, to produce 44.1 khz, files, for CD, writing… In my opion, one process outweights the other in preparing Wave files for, writing to a CD,… In some respects…

In another topic/post, regarding this subject matter, I have installed a S/B Live, 24-bit audio card, as a second S/B Card into the same machine… To work in conjuction with a S/B Live 16 bit Card The O/S, '98SE, and bios recognizes the second audio card, with no conflicts, so far…

I have my fingers crossed…and hope that the two audio cards do what is asked of them, and play well, together, on the same DAW…


Hey Bill,

We are talking two different things here. You can mix and match BIT depth all you want. You CANNOT playback differing SAMPLING rates. If n-Track would allow playback of M-Audio 24-bit left justified, 96khz wav data on the SBLive! it would sound like your PC was buried in molasses!


Hi gtr4him:
AaHh… O.K. Sorry… My reference is, to Bit Depth… ??? :) I stand corrected… :O Sirs…