I have looked through old posts but nothing seems to answer my question specificaly enough…

I’m looking for a soundcard that is good for games, but also good quality audio recording.
I only really need 1 input…

Any suggestions? I haven’t got loads of money to work with.

Thanks in advance :)

With the M-Audio Audiophile 2496, can you plug a guitar or mic straight into it with a normal guitar lead? Or do you need adaptors?

You’re on the right track with the Audiophile 2496, I used one for a few years and it sounds just fine.

You will need some sort of mic pre-amp to plug your mic into; this could be an actual pre-amp such as the ART (about $60?) or a mixer (cheap Berhingers can be had for about the same).

The Audiophile has RCA inputs, so to go from the pre-amp (or mixer) to the card, so you will need a cable that has 1/4" on one end and RCA on the other end (using adapters if needed).

I used on of these to record my last CD with.

Here is a whole page of ART preamps. I’m sure there are other decent cheap preamps out there…

Here is a list of the Berhinger mixers, starting with the least expensive.


Hey Joe… (where you going with that… nevermind. Showing my age).

It depends on what level you are aiming for. Many of us have started our with the humble SB live (or even PCI128) cards which have worked well for both games and recording. Cheap as chips too.

Moving up the range, the Audiophile 24/96 is a fine card offering a bit more quality for recording, and should work fine for games too (although I’m not sure if it has a built in midi engine for those games that play midi tunes).

You will need converters for the inputs on many (most) soundcards, including the 24/96 but they are easy to come across.

I should point out that with cards with only one input, you do infact get two - stereo - left & right, which can be used separately to record two instuments or one in stereo.

It’s easier if you can get a small mixer to go between the guitar/instruments and the soundcard. It acts as a preamp and helps you control the level etc more easily. My first mixer was one of those really cheap Radio Shack disco type mixers, but Behringer do some cheap mixers too. At a real push you can use a stomp box as a pre-amp and get reasonable results.

A word of warning (I’m assuming you’re just starting out; forgive me if I’m wrong) - you want to be careful of having gaming and internet activites on your recording platform… Audio recording is pretty resource intensive and any “junk” is best avoided - causing slow-downs and conflicts. If you can’t afford a 2nd PC, then dual boot is a good workaround.



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And what John said..... we posted at the same time.

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Kinda cool when that happens, eh?

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I’ve been using the Audiophile 2496 for both recording and gaming (I play Guild Wars, Unreal Tournament, M$ Flight Sim) - Works great, never had any problems and the price is reasonable.