Choosing a soundcard

Hi folks
I’m trying to choose a better soundcard for recording. I am just an amature learning. I anm trying to decide on either a Audiophile 2496, E-mu0404 or M-audio Delta 44. I fyou have any other suggestions I would appreciate them. I have a P4 2.5GH w/512mbRAM. I am using a Mackie 1202 Mixer with Event PS8 monitors.
Thanks Ray

Hi ray,

First up it’s best to decide what features you need… MIDI, digital I/O, multiple inputs, 24 bit etc…

The Delta 44 is a rock solid card with 4 ins and outs but no digital I/O or MIDI. The 2496 on the other hand has only 2 analogue inputs but has Midi and digital I/O.

I’ve run my Delta 44 alongside my old SBlive (which I now use for MIDI input only) under both Win 98 and XP and it’s been wonderful.

Anyway, others will chip in I’m sure…


forgot to ask… What card do you have now?

I have a soundblaster live card now. Sounds like all I heard & read I can’t go wrong with the delta 44 as my next step up.

Another vote for the Delta, although lots of others are good including Echo and the new Emu’s are apparently very good value for money.

The Delta44 also have been around for a couple of years, so the drivers are stable and the card really works well - only reason I sold mine was to upgrade to a Delta1010LT.

Very nice card indeed !