Soundeffects and Useful tools to create rhythms?

Useful hints sought after!

Dear all,

I’m looking for some useful tools that would enable me to create drum rhythms to add to tracks in N-track or in other audio editing software.

I have surfed around, but it is a jungle and I would very much love to get a hint about something that somebody has found useful!

Also, since I mostly work with recordings of actual istrumental recordings, I often find that I need to augment my work with some software that would enable me to create special effects, such as “new-ageish-cosmics”. I am looking for something that is useful and easy to use!

Grateful for thoughts on this matter!


For the drum stuff I use Fruity Loops.Fruity Website

there are some other features that I don’t use that you may find useful.

Fruity is cool. Acid is cool although pricier. For a freebie, you might Google up LeafDrums and score some free samples to use with it. Tom Hicks has some excellent drum samples up on the web someplace…


Also check out hammerhead…