soundfonts more than one note

when iplay a midi file it seems to cut out one note if another one starts.Is that normal or what?

Is there a tutorial on this paticular subject? cause that would be nice yes very nice…

First, let’s simplify and assume you’re talking about a single MIDI channel, like pasting notes into n-Track piano roll on a single track, and not playing complicated games.

Are you talking about the same note or different notes?

For the same note, you can’t generally retrigger it without stopping a previous one – for the same reason that you can’t strike a piano key without letting the key up first. (OK, let’s ignore sustain pedal …) The MIDI language has messages like “Middle C On” and “Middle C Off”. It has no way to say “OK, here’s a SECOND voice playing that same Middle C”. Nor does it have a way to say “OK, stop that 2nd middle C”. Furthermore, n-Track won’t send two note-on messages in a row. In the piano roll you’ll notice you can’t put a short note smack in the middle of a longer one, leaving them both there. If you need to do this, the easiest way is to use two or more MIDI tracks and

Now, what I said above isn’t the whole story. A C note has to be “turned off” before the next C note can start. However, if the soundfont has the note configured with a long release (the time it plays after you let the key up, as it fades out), a retrigger could work either way (stopping the old note or leaving it on). Different synths work different ways in this case, I believe.

If it’s two different notes you’re talking about, like C and D, then normally they both play. But if (according to info built into the soundfont), if they’re in the same “group”, one will stop the other. This is used for things like hihat, where you want the closed-hihat note to stop the open-hihat note from ringing.

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Just saw this on audiominds:

Desktop Music Handbook.

Might be of interest!