Soundfonts on Laptop



I currently use a desktop PC for my music studio and have the SB Live card so I can use Soundfonts.

I’m planning on moving over to a laptop for my music, how can I use the soundfont files that I’ve made and bought on a laptop?

I’m thinking about buying the Behringer BCA audio interface.

Thanks in advance,


If you have a sampler like Kontakt, Halion, etc that supports soundfonts you should be able to load them


You can use a freebie sf sampler SFZ

Its a pretty vanilla sf sampler but it works.

Good luck

I use both’s “sfz” and Bismark’s BS-16 (not free but worth it… good sound and you can load up 16 soundfonts in one instance of the VSTi. Good stuff.)

I dumped my SBLive card out of my DAW and never looked back…

Be sure to get as much RAM as you can afford, and then some. That is, if you want to use big soundfonts. If you’re just using the kind that fit on your SBLive, no worries. But once you’ve tried a few huge soundfonts, you’ll never go back to small ones (looped, single-velocity-layer, few samples per octave, etc.)