Now that I’ve downloaded some soundfonts whare do I put them so I can access them via n-track and/or Reason Adapted. Since my post on discovering how to write midi stuff I’m really wanting to expand my sound canvas and am not well enough versed in how to and where to put these files.
Thanks for any help…is GM the best/easiest way to go?


If you have a SoundBlaster Live or Audigy, you can put the soundfonts in there to use.

The more “universal” and flexible approach is to get a VST instrument that plays soundfonts. The free sfz is probably the most popular.

I use a midiman pci card in conjunction with their Omnistudio USB. Would I put these in their own folder within the root folder of the card or is there a specific folder fo this stuff?
BTW thanks Archimedes I’ve downloaded SFZ and will work on that this afternoon.

Cheers :p

You cant acces to soundfont directly from n-Track. With the soundcard you have you will need some VSTi sampler like the one that archimides said. When you load the SFz, by example, you will have to load the file from any location you have in your hardisk. No fixed location is needed.

I think my concept of what I’m trying to do is all wrong…I’m wanting to use different drum kits in the piano roll on midi channel 10 where the drums reside. when I go there I have general midi drums and roland drums available. Am I all wet on trying to import different kits to use in this manner? I guess it would be the same with synth and guitar sounds in the piano roll. boy am I feeling inadequate here…

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Dont care about asking, that’s the idea of the forum, isnt?
I believe that maybe you are confuse about the midi output. Read this and try to ask after:

When you make a midi track in nTrack it will send the output to the Device that you select under “Preferences>Midi Devices” Usually there are listed the synth that comes with your soundcard. Usually this synths are fixed, that means you cant edit them or replace for any soundfonts. You can solve this problem easily. First, you need to get a Virtual Synth that will replace your soundcard synth. Most common choice isSFZ. You need copy the dll of it to your VST folder. After that, give a look to this tutorial that Teej on Audiominds made:
That can be enough, i believe, to start clarifying your mind.

This will get me going now Marce…Thanks a lot for such a great tip.

Cheers my friend:)