Sour grapes, yeah we got em...

Haven’t heard or read much of the “sky is falling, let’s move to Canada” sentiment that we heard from our friends on the left in 2004, but I thought this was apropo…

But I want to leave you with a quote from Ed Koch, the former mayor of New York. When he got beaten by David Dinkins, he said, ‘The voters have spoken and now they must be punished.’ I have a feeling that’s what may be in store for the people of Minnesota.

Phil Krinkie, now former state house of Reps, MN

Move to Italy. The food is better and the booze is much cheaper.

But in 2006, Bush lost (and we’re happy)?

Not that this is relevant, but:

Bill O’Reilly: The Opera:

Also here:

Anyway, Canada already has sour grapes, or just plain “Grapes”:

And I’d move there in a minute if I could get a decent teaching post. :)

Be sure to visit coaches corner, if you don’t get it every Saturday night:

Sour grapes? Eh… make burgundy out of 'em… Cheers!


Hi TomS:
I’m sure you are aware that Patrick Roy got inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame… along with Dickey Duff and your USA, Hockey Coach that won in Lake Placid in the '80’s… The other guy, I don’t know… but I should… The game of Hockey is much better because of guys like these…

In case you aren’t aware, Grapes was a visitor to the House of Commons in Ottawa last week… He sat in the visitor’s gallery… He was given visibility as a guest by the Speaker of the House, where Grapes took the “BOW”… Then… The French Opposition Members stood up and gave him the “Big Boo”… (You see… Grapes isn’t much liked by French Hockey viewers)… He was reported as saying to the media after the visit that he knows several French Hockey Players and that he thinks they are pretty good French Hockey Players in spit of being French… Well… something to that effect… Some of the public response is that maybe he’s line’ing up for a Political Job in the government after he calls it quits from the “Colour Job” of Hockey, on Hockey Night in Canada… on the CBC… We’ll see…