spanglish tune

your opinion


Please give a listen to a song I recorded on n. I wrote this song as sort of a house warming gift for a relative that wanted to surround her new home with palm trees in Az. To bad there’s a local ordinance that limits her to just a couple. It’s a bit of a parody tune but I did try to make it rock in some parts. Your opinions will be appreciated Thanks

c’mon guys let’s hear ya, how about your opinion on unirail’s song

!!!Me encanta mucho!!! Loved it.

Thank you for the encouragement! Nice clean and overdriven tones on your guitar DLR good stuff!! :)

Your song sucks! it rocks like barry manilow, you want honesty you got it. Keep tryin amigo

don’t be an ass.

Hey lynn…shetep!

I totally agree that there is too much reverb on the vocals. Great lyrics – but I think it calls for a singer with a more melodic voice quality – this singer lacks feeling - the lyrics have a lot of emotion and the singer doesn’t bring it across. Funky piano – hate it – sounds too hokey – makes me envision Linus from the Peanuts cartoon plunking at the piano with Snoopy doing a little dance on top. The best thing in this song is the guitar playing – it’s pretty awesome. ???

Nice job dude! I enjoyed. Nice guitar playing! Cool tone!

Thanks again for the feedback, I will dial down the reverb, keep the guitar tone and crank the emotion. :)