SPDIF question

I was doing some benchmarking for Learjeff’s page and found that my sdpif will only run at 44.1khz (actually, to think of it, I didn’t test it at 48khz), or will only output a signal anyway.

Is there such a thing as 24/96 spdif, or is it all 44/48?


IIRC s/p dif transmits 24bits stereo @ 48kHz maximum.

S/PDIF is 96k capable. Of course, both sender and reciever must match and be sample synch’ed to avoid clicks and pops. 96k is the max though.




S/PDIF is the Sony and Philips Digital Interconnect Format. It can carry a
stereo pair of channels with a sampling rate of up to 96 Ksps (kilo-samples
per second) and with a sample precision of up to 24 bits.


Yes, you are right of course.
I could have checked my soundcard’s manual:

Digital Output Sample Rate: 8kHz to 96kHz
Data format: S/PDIF (not AES/EBU)