Speakers / Montors - Advice needed!

Well, an interesting situation has presented itself.

Basically, my father-in-law bought himself a new keyboard (Yamaha Motif), and has passed down to me his Ensoniq ZR-76 (which is a little old, but in great condition).

I was just going to buy it from him for like $400, but he has told me that he would rather I just take that money and purchase some speakers for him.

So now I’m looking for a set of monitors in the $400 range.

I currently have Event TRN6’s in my setup and I’m pretty pleased with those (though they could have more bass response). But I’m not sure that is what he needs.

He doesn’t do any recording / mixing, so he doesn’t need super accurate monitors.

What he really wants is something that is going to sound good with his new keyboard.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Do they need to be powered speakers? Several companies make self-powered PA speakers, which would likely work great with his keyboard. There are also some companies, like Crate, who make amplifiers specifically for keyboards - for around $400 you could likely get a pretty darned good one!

Good luck!
Tony W

Powered (active) monitors will require seperate power cable to be fed to eack speaker - if the speakers are close together thats OK, if spaced apart trailing cables can be a safety hazzard -

COMBO (keyboard amps) solve this problem, but but some are only mono and as the Motif is stereo (i believe) he wont be to pleased if one channel is missing, if the combo is stereo the spkrs are so close together you cant hear the seperation -

PA speakers that mount on poles could be the answer, but those + a PA amp may run over your budget -

Dr J