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Hello. I recently installed N-Track, but haven’t used it much at all. Suddenly, my speakers produce no sound when using Windows software, listening to CDs from my PC’s CD player, or listening to .mp3s on Windows Media Player from my hard drive. I did some basic troubleshooting (tested the speakers with a little radio), and they are working fine. Seems my computer isn’t communicating with them.

I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this problem, and if NTrack could be related in some way? I’m at my wit’s end! Never had speaker or sound problems before.

Any help would be appreciated. Figured I’d take a shot and see if this could be NTrack related, and others have already experienced this problem.



Have you gone in an checked all your volumes inside your Windows volume control box?
You can also access something simular to it inside Ntrack start at the top click: VEIW > SOUNDCARD MIXERS> PLAYBACK CONTROL
Sometimes all ove the volumes CD, WAV. ect. will be down to zero. Happens if you re-install WIndows98 SE for me…

Hope this helped. If not, someone more knowlegdable with step in soon enough hang in there…


By now you know that it’s not nTrack, it’s something to do with … something else.

The most common cause is that there’s something muted, or switched off, or with the volume down on your Windows mixer.

The Windows help will have troubleshooting steps for this. Also try a Google search for <!–QuoteBegin>

Windows “no sound”
Tons of info out there.

Thanks for the help, my volume controls did the trick; they were muted. I changed them via NTrack, but could have done it through Windows of course. I suspect installing NTrack (or me making some dumb ass move during the install) muted them, since I don’t have any really good reason to mess with my volume controls otherwise, and never open them.

Thanks for the help! This seems like a helpful forum. When I start using the software I’ll try and drop a line again!


Quote (scottydel @ Oct. 13 2004,22:19)
When I start using the software I'll try and drop a line again!


Please do! Always glad to have another tracker on board. :)