Speakers "Mid-Cut" Switch

what is it good for?

Hi @ all,
I have the M-audio DX4 monitor speakers and in the rear of one speaker is a “Mid Cut” switch, but I don’t really know what is it good for.
The big question ist: Do I have to mix with the switch in the “on” position, or is it better with the switch in the “off” position. What is the real true sound?
Thanks for your help!

Hi Carlos,

The mid-cut is designed to make the DX4’s emulate the “smiley” face EQ curve that we humans seem to prefer. With the mid-cut OFF, the frequency response of your speakers should be relatively flat. I would mix with them set flat and maybe do a reference check with the mid cut ON every now and then. Most importantly, LISTEN to your monitors with reference CD’s in a genre similar to what you are mixing. Listen with the switch set both ways. This will give your ears a reference point to shoot for.


Yep. The Fletcher-Munson thing. Our ears tend to be mid-rangey and an EQ boost of the highs and lows increases perceived loudness.


Heh - my Gretsch’s got a MUD switch. It’s not good for much either, unless ya wanna go SERIOUSLY lo fi :)

hey thanks for your answers! :)