Speaking of Hallow 'een

Anyway, what stoopid things did you do on Hallows e’en? lol

I’ve just been referred to the site I copied these pictures from.

So, here’s what a big drunken Scotsman in an “American” style pub looks like! LOL

I’m the big green f**ker. I think I’m supposed to be; “Saving Private Nemo” or something.

Eat your heart out Bingalie! lol

So, come on guys, now you know what a goof I look like in “real” life.

So, how about you? :D

And no Jerm, we’ve had more than enough pictures of you taking a dump! lol


Well, we celebrated our ancestors in good neo pagan fashion. :)

At last! Shrek with a halfway decent Scottish accent! :laugh: :;):


ROTFLMFAO…this is great!

So, is the green face fur natural? Or “Just for Men” hair color? :)

That is one of the best costumes I’ve seen in a long time! :)

Costume? ???

Quote (Ali @ Dec. 09 2004,20:17)
Costume? ???

Ah! I thought so! :laugh:

i thought the only place to have women that big was wisconsin!!hail scotland!