Speaking of Hate in Music

did you all see this?

Jeepers. Probably belong to that chuch Phoo pointed out…


Man… that is sad…


What’s really sad is that most of the folks with that point of view use the Bible in a big way as reasoning for their view being all that it right and scripturally correct…I am SO glad my kids aren’t growing up knowing my side of the familly.

Quote (phoo @ Oct. 22 2005,21:18)
What's really sad is that most of the folks with that point of view use the Bible in a big way as reasoning for their view being all that it right and scripturally correct....I am SO glad my kids aren't growing up knowing my side of the familly.

Right phoo. Some people only glean what they want (or have been conditioned to want) from scripture be it the Bible Q'uran or whatever. They see what they want to see... not what's really there. As is stated in the Bible several times, "He who has ears, let hin hear." There is more to that sentence than meets the eye...


:( Home schooled. That says it all. :D

I think also these type (people?) rely on the old testament for most of their ideas. They have failed to read the new testament and the teachings of Jesus. Plus they are absolutly brain dead thinking one race is superior to another.

Makes me ashamed to be white when I see stupidity being taught in such a way. :(

Quote (jeromee @ Oct. 22 2005,22:03)
:( Home schooled. That says it all. :D

Well, we home schooled for a couple of years, and would still be doing it if there weren't other issues that get in the way (and we still supplement with home school stuff). Sure a lot of home schoolers are fundamentalists and other not entirely upright groups, but a lot of us are just people who have a different pedagogical philosophy. You would find that not only are my kids not racist, they don't even know the concept of race yet (and they are in public schools - 1st and 2nd grade - in a city that is primarily Black).

Home schooling is a lot more diverse than one might think.

Sorry Toms, It was a joke :( Hopefully it didn’t insult you or anyone else who home schools. I grew up in a really safe area and live in one now. My graduating class had 74 people and I can certainly understand why some would choose the home school route.

Oops, my bad - should have realized it was a joke! Plus we got so much grief from family when we started doing it that I sort of do the knee jerk thing, I suspect…

Maybe I am a strange duck, but this is funny. I really mean haha funny. I mean, how much more absurd can you get? The underlying message is very disturbing and vile (revolting really), but to be so frickin’ ignorant and proud of it just sets me off… Like the kid who thinks a Marshall Stack at 10 and a Jackson are the only way to get tone and you are a dope for hauling around your 15 watt tube combo and off the shelf strat. Only in America…


Sorry Toms, It was a joke Hopefully it didn’t insult you or anyone else who home schools.

We home school and no offense was taken. Yes, I got the joke, but as with many joke there is more than a lot of truth in it. That’s why a joke works and why it also offends. Frank Zappa was one of the best as offending everyone a little and making a lot laugh.

Because we home school we run into many folks that are just like that – the “we are home schooling because we don’t want our kids to be part of society and we what to drill in their heads what our idea of society is”. It’s very disturbing when dealing with some of them because many really are out there in the fringes and their kids are being taught that THAT is the way it is and the way to be.

Their perception of the “real world” is so different from the “real world” most of us live in that I don’t see how those kids will survive when they get out on their own in “our real world”. Maybe they will live in isolation the rest of their lives and be ok.

One of our neighbors was thinking of pulling her kids out of public school because “they were doing yoga in PE”. When she told us that she looked us right in the eye and shook her head up and down to affirm that we knew what she meant by “doing yoga in PA” as is it was something that was very subversive and taboo. We are Christian and she is Christian, so that is the common bond and why the subject cam up. Well…what do we say? We are members of The First Presbyterian Church of Believue. Our church has yoga classes. Se we shook our heads in agreement and changed the subject as quick as possible.

There’s no reasoning with ignorance. This isn’t pure stupidity. Many of these folks are very smart. They choose to be ignorant and they choose to teach their kids to be ignorant. THAT is SO stupid.

As with so many things that are not good in society, its the kids that suffer for it…I mean they are 13 years of age…they are ignorant, ignorant in the sense that they haven’t been exposed to the reasons of why such thinking is revolting and just plain dangerous. And that is the fault of the mother and whoever else is spewing out this trash to them. Kids that age depend on thier parents, guardians or others around them to learn…and if that source is contaminated with this mind vomit…its the kids and ultimately the world that suffers…

Well I am certain the mother is not only well educated, but also of sound mind…

To Bob’s point, of course they are just regurgitating their mother’s crap. You see this all the time with a lot of things. I hated mushrooms forever because my dad had something against. As I got in the world and actually tasted a few (still hate the canned rubber ones) they weren’t so bad. This doesn’t surprise me… What does surprise me is that there is any sort of market for tween racist propoganda. That is the really disturbing thing here. Where you see one roach, there are 10 more.

Quote (Bubbagump @ Oct. 23 2005,11:32)
Maybe I am a strange duck, but this is funny. I really mean haha funny.

Totally. This sucks so bad you’ll piss yourself:


I’m peeing as I listen.

Woah, ignorant, dispicable, and completely musically terrible… a triple threat. Sweet. I figured for them to get this much press it was actually produced.

Maybe I am stooping to their level, but man, a Darwin award with mom and dad listed would be the icing on the cake… something about tripping over their hand woven latch hook swastika rug… :angry:

When ever I feel low, I just think about this sort of trash and I all of a sudden feel a whole lot better about myself.

“Hand woven latch hook swastika…” :D
Hey, phoo, you know that yoga was developed as a technique to help attain moksha…definitely not Christian. Those crazy Hindus are out to catch your soul for Satan! :)

Yeah, know Tom. Appearently using some of those techniques for physical enhancment of the Christian body is too much for some folks. I put that in the same list as not having a Christmas Tree because it originated as a Pagan thing long ago.

Anyone want to bet they mean Idaho when they say Pacific Northwest (abc news - they are moving from Bakersfield because it’s not white enough)? That’s (former) land of the Aryan Nations, but there are still a lot of organizations left there. There’s a bunch of good mountains out there to hide and isolate in. They will have lots of friends out there if they can find them.


Back up and take a peek at the other stuff in there. The directory is all visible so you can see all the fies.


I’m peeing as I listen.

They seriously need a click track.