Speaking of Jamaica...

I’m moving.

Are there any Jamaica residents here? I’m moving there for a couple of years----I’ll be working there and Grand Cayman…

Just curious, any tips or advice would be welcome!


No tips but I just want to know how you managed that deal - I’m totally envious?

I’ve spent some vacations in the Caribbean & it’s wonderful!

Believe it or not, I’ve made a career out of fixing lawnmowers…Now I train other people how to maintain and manage fleets of golf course equipment :p I’ll be at the White Witch golf course near Montego Bay training the staff there. I’ve been working my entire adult life in either ski resorts-Steamboat Springs and Squaw Valley are two— or golf resorts— like Pebble Beach…what can I say?

I’ve been working on this deal since May…its been a long and very lean summer, money-wise, time for this boy to get to work!


Good for you! The best scenario would be to go there during the winter & come back to the north during the summer but no skiing that way.

The Caribbean is beautiful beyond belief. My wife & I snorkled alot but I recommend taking up diving if you already don’t already.

Err, don’t forget the hurricane season! …although Haiti has taken the worst of it in this island system this year, afaik. :(

My wife & I snorkled alot but I recommend taking up diving if you already don't already.

You wouldn't believe the response I'd written to that quote! :D

But, my woman; although she conceded it was witty and hilarious (well, to a certain type of warped mind anyway), thought it unfit for any sort of audience.


yeah, the Caribbean is nice, have fun. :(


Well you’ve certainly got the name for Jamaca! Ya mon.
Keep shinin’ and hopefully you’ll still be able to link to the mainland via cyber ways.




Not to mention the weed… :;):

Quote (Guest @ Oct. 11 2004,17:29)
Not to mention the weed........ :;):

-----ganja, actually......