Special sneak peak sample done on nTrack!

Awrads entry instrumental

I have a couple of new tunes from my upcoming blues cd that I hadn’t intended to publish pending the results of the NMMA awards in May. Turns out the drummer I work with put one of them on his Myspace player,(except that I now had him replace it with a snippet, albeit a long snippet-about half the length of the whole song). Check my latest blog on my Myspace page about profesional drum track services to get to his image link, click the image and the tune automatically starts on page load. Keep in mind I sent him a 128 kbps mp3 and Myspace drops that down to 96 kbps so the sound isn’t anywhere near what my entry sounds like. It’s a good taste of the tune itself though. Also, help yourselves to four songs I currently have available for download if you’re Myspace members. Feel free to friend request me as well!


Rumaldo Ortiz / Angel Edge