speed problems

recorded parts seem to playback differen

ive got a new sound card (creative usb sb nx) and have started recording in 24bit. i first start with just a beat so that i can stay in rythm with all the tracks i add. but have found a problem ive never had before and so must be related to the changed settings for my new sound card. when i record a track, expecially long tracks of say 1 minute, the track seems to playback at a different speed to the beat, meaning by the end of the track, it is quite out of rhythm with the set beat. i am recording with a sampling frequency of 96000 and feel this is a possibility of the problem cos my comp cant handle it. and remember being told bout something like that in an old post. so if i change back to 44100 will i not get this problem? i hope its not cos im recording at 24bit.

Seeing as how it’s a Creative Soundblaster brand … I’d suggest that you stick with a sample rate of 48kHz until you go to CD. Then convert to 16 bit 44.1kHz.
Most Soundblasters run natively at 48kHz and trying to operate them at any other frequency causes re-sampling on the fly. This can/will cause the progressive track lag that you have described.