Speeded up playback

Recording shorter than original!

Wierd one, this! I’m playing along, recording bass guitar beside multiple vocal/keys/guitar tracks I recorded weeks ago, but now the recorded file is shorter than the other tracks. It’s gaining maybe a second over a 3-minute song (not as much as a 48000/44100 mismatch would cause - I had that one years ago!).

I’ve tried this with both ASIO and WDM drivers - same result.

It couldn’t be to do with a wireless router I recently installed, could it? I’m also getting horrendous cracks & squelches through my headphones and the whole thing seemed to start with the router installation.

Sounds like you accidentally changed the bpm before you recorded that track.

Hi Gusto Belly,

I know the answer to this question, at least I think so. Is the “Current song speed, Click to change icon” is it set to 1.0x or something different? I experienced the same thing. I would record the new track playing along with my other old tracks just fine but when I went to playback the track, the one I recorded would fall out of sync very quickly (Looked shorter). The solution was to open the “Current Song speed” icon located up top about the middle and set it to “1x” This is the “new default”. This problem arose after I did an update to the program. The problem as I saw it was the previously recorded old tracks made with an earlier build, were recorded at it’s old default speed but after an update, the new default speed was reset to another value, in my case x1.01, which I didn’t notice of course, however the tracks played back at the speed in which they were recorded at. Because the default song speed has changed, and the previously recorded tracks are not indicating a change in speed (Bug), the newly recorded track falls out of sync because it’s recording at the Current song speed indicated while the previously recorded tracks are playing back at a different speed, the previous default speed from an earlier build. Setting the value to “1x” should cure the problem. You will need to re-record your track that was out of sync. On my current build, 1x, from the drop down shows x0.99 for current song speed.

There was an update to the “Current song speed indicators” a while back. Some people might run across this problem after updating from earlier builds. Although I feel the previously recorded tracks from earlier builds didn’t respond to the new value changes in the newer build, (causing this problem) and remains the same (plays back normal) after setting the 1x value, (no harm done), it’s simple to fix and shouldn’t cause any further sync issues once updated with the latest build and the current song value set to 1x

Hope this helps, let us know how it goes,



Thanks, Levi & Paco.

Your detailed answer is very interesting, Paco, but since writing I’ve bought a bit of kit on ebay that should arrive tomorrow. I’m using an Delta Audiophile soundcard with both SPDIF and analogue inputs.The SPDIF signal comes through an optical lead from an Akai digital multitracker. It goes through a optical->RCA convertor and I believe that has failed, because N-track won’t even “lock” onto the Akai as the external timer. I’ll post my findings tomorrow evening, and will be keeping my fingers crossed until then!
If it doesn’t work, I’ll be following up on your suggestion, Paco.
Many thanks again.

Right - I’ve received the optical->RCA convertor, tried it, and it made no difference. So, I’ve now reinstalled N-Track - and everything’s fine!! I remember now that a while ago N hung and I had to switch off the PC. That obviously screwed the way it was supposed to pick up the system timer signal and everything went haywire. All’s well now, though - thanks for your efforts, guys.