Splitting a long WAV

How to do this?

This must be the most basic question EVER! I’ve got several ancient basic C90 taped recordings of live performances that I’ve copied into 45-minute WAVs. All I want to do is take each long file and SPLIT it into the separate songs within it, rename each of the new short WAVs and burn them to a CD. Why isn’t it a piece of cake to do this - or is it? Why can’t I tell N’track the split point and say “SPLIT” or something? Am I missing something elementary? How does everybody else do this?

Couldn’t you just load 45 min track in N - set your cursor where you want
to split - then hit ‘s’ on your keyboard (splice)- click your mouse outside the track then click on the part you just spliced and drag to a new track and save the audio for that track under
track properties / wav properties / copy renname

Yup - that works. And the more you zoom in (+/- keys), the more detailed and precise it becomes.

What do you guys mean “Hit ‘s’ on the keyboard”? I can’t get that to do anything for me (I’m Ver 6.0). I can Edit/Nondestructive/splice and chop up the original WAV that way. BUT, the bits are all the same file and I don’t think the system will then let you rename just one of the parts. How can I splice destructively OR find an answer to the renaming problem?

edit>edit mode>destructive.

I do such a manouvre by adding markers between the songs. After that I highlight the areas between markers and make mixdowns of each of the songs. Then I burn 'em to cd with no pauses between sons and get a continuos sounding cd with track markers between songs.

Alternatively, you could bypass nTrack altogether for this. I use NERO to do this. Drag the entire WAV into a music CD project in Nero. Once it’s in the project, right click on it (in the CD project) and select Properties. Click the Indexes, Limits and Splits tab, and edit and split to your heart’s content! This is also quite useful if you have tracks that fade in and out of each other. Just make sure you set the gap between songs to 0 seconds. Hope that helps, Daz