Splitting a multitrack project

I have a bunch of 24 channel recordings that I recorded on a HD24. It’s a theatre production, and the music was recorded as one long take instead of creating a new take for each song. I now need to split these long takes into separat songs.

Is there an easy way to split all the tracks at the same point into new parts?

Depending on the total length you could import all 24 tracks into one big project and then put a marker at the start/end points of each song/section. Then when you mix down, you could mix each section separately.

Software to split wave files up do exist, but I doubt the accuracy will be good enough for all tracks to remain in sync after being split up. The above suggestion has the added feature of setting eq’s etc. on each track for all the songs in one go. This may save you some time setting this up for each song separately, although this depends on the production.

regards, Nils

I want the songs in different projects to lighten the load on my computer and make it easier to to only mix one song at a time. The tracks range between 1hr-3hrs.

I found a way to do it with nTrack (destructive editing, set markers and copy + Shift-Paste each track). Shame that I have to do it a track at a time and the pasted track’s name doesn’t reflect which part I copied it from, but it’s a start at least.

(Audition’s way of doing things is even worse, fwiw)

Paul Houle’s free WavChunk progarm will do this. It works on both 16bit and 24bit files:


This is how you use it:

wavchunk.exe in.wav out.wav 30:11 18:00

That would start at 30.11 seconds and extract 18 minutes of audio. The program supports specifying things at the sample level. I’ve used it to break up large 26 track recordings into individual songs.

I’m not a DOS batch file expert, but it should be possible to write a batch file to bulk process all the files in a directory:

bulkWavChunk.bat *.wav 30:11 18:00