splitting tracks at silence

yeah, I know – old topic

I know this has come up before, but I don’t remember the answer.

Is there a program to conveniently split a long track at all silent points (ideally, configurable by level & time)?

I’m in the early stages of planning to sample my rhodes. I’ll be using N to record the samples, and will end up with a number of long wave files with a number of samples in each. I want a program to chop the wave files into segments, splitting at the quiet parts between samples.

it’s not something I’ve gotten into very much, but can’t you do that in N?

Or are you looking for a program to do it automatically?

Hi Jeff:
I use a utility called PolderBits. The guy in the netherlands has one that works like a charm. But it works with 16 bit .wav’s and mp3’s… I’ve tried to bug him into upgrading it to 24 bits… But he’s hanging on to his ideas… But it works right…



Thanks, Bill. I’ll give it a try. For my purposes, perhaps I can keep similar-peaked samples together in the same file, so I can normalize and convert to 16 bits before chopping. Sure, 24 bits would be best. Maybe I should just write my own program!

Teledork, if I sample each key 3 times (the bare minimum), and only sample the white keys (49 keys), that’s 147 parts to chop. You can do this in N, but it’s clumsy at best, and doing it that many times would be a project killer. The more chopped parts, the clumsier N’s way of doing this gets.

… I believe CoolEdit 2000 can do this (but I’m not at my home PC so I can’t confirm, sorry).

CoolEdit can do it in batch mode??? I don’t want to manually repeat the process 150 times. Frankly, I just might write a program that would snip and trim the silence. It’s not rocket science. No GUI, just a command line program (unless someone wants to write a GUI for it!) I’d probably write it in Python just to get it up and running quickly. (I don’t have a C compiler for Wintel platform.)